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Seaton Foundation - P.O. Box 705 San Marcos, TX 78667 - (512)357-1510

Committed to Texas

The Seaton Foundation is committed to making a positive impact on the current state of long-term care in Texas. We strive to educate and train Texas citizens in how to create a vibrant community within  long-term care settings. 

The Foundation of LifeLong Living

The cornerstones of LifeLong Living are growth, well-being, opportunity, and support. These concepts are important in everyone's lives, regardless of neuro-capabilities. However, underlying deficits and marginalization by the greater community can make it difficult for individuals with cognitive disabilities to navigate the world around them in ways that help them achieve these concepts.


The Seaton Foundation is dedicated to providing Direct Support Professionals with the tools they need to break down stereotypes and preconceived notions while also advocating for individuals with cognitive disabilities to help them achieve their goals. 

"Change is inevitable. Growth is intentional." 

- Glenda Cloud


"Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being."

- J. Stanford

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

- Milton Berle 




"Because life change doesn't happen on it's own."- Unknown 

LifeLong Living is the belief that all people can experience continued growth and well-being when provided support, opportunities, and community regardless of ability.

LifeLong Living